Monday, August 20, 2012

Japanese visit to disputed islands sparks China protest

Japanese visit to disputed islands sparks China protest - World - CBC News

Now here's a much better story done by real journalists at The Canadian Press and carried by The CBC.

 (Getting the story right is one of the reasons all the columnists at Sun Media are constantly agitating for the gov't to kill The CBC.)

 This story prominently mentions Taiwan's claim to the islands:

Ten Japanese made an unauthorized landing on Uotsuri, the largest in a small archipelago known in Japan as the Senkaku Islands and in China as the Diaoyu Islands. The uninhabited islands surrounded by rich fishing grounds are controlled by Japan but also claimed by China and Taiwan.

It also explains that the Japanese invasion of the islands was in response to an earlier Chinese stunt:

Days earlier, a group of 14 Hong Kong residents and mainland Chinese travelled by boat to the islands, some swimming ashore. Protesters in Beijing, Hong Kong and other cities praised them as heroes and burned Japanese flags, but Japan arrested the 14 for landing without authorization.

Taiwan's KMT government didn't seem to mind "Communist Bandits from the mainland" invading Taiwanese territory. But the minute the Japanese plant the flag on the Diaoyu...

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Timothy Yang summoned Japan's de facto ambassador to Taiwan, Sumio Tarui, on Sunday to lodge a protest over the visit by the Japanese activists to the islands, which are about 190 kilometres off Taiwan's northeastern coast. Yang said the "provocative act" had heightened tensions in the area...

Proof - if you ever needed it - that the KMT ancien regime of Ma Ying-jeou is not interested in Taiwanese identity or sovereignty, only Chinese sovereignty. The KMT is the government of, for and by China and is now acting as a proxy for Beijing.

And news stenographers in China and Taiwan are reinforcing the idea of "One China" - of which Taiwan is only a small part.

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